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Aqua Brand

Hair Extensions

pH5 Salon chooses to use Aqua brand hair. We have chosen Aqua because they pride themselves on consistent quality over quantity. Their primary focus is the integrity of hair quality. Having over 44 colors choose from gives you endless solutions for any hair goal. 


Benefits of Hair Extensions

  • Hair extensions can be used to add thickness, length or both. 

  • Extensions can be used to add color to your hair that you've never been able to achieve or don't want to wear long term. 

  • Hair extensions can help fine limp hair hold a style

  • Create the prom or bridal look of your dreams

Hair quality put first

Aqua hair is crafted using a proprietary two-step process to give our hair the best wear experience. This process locks in color, while respecting the cuticle of the hair. The result is 100% full cuticle Remy hair that's gorgeous, vibrant, and long-lasting.

Our hair is treated for 12 hours in a nutrient-rich solution to protect the natural cuticle during the lifting process. Next, slower and gentler than traditional methods, our proprietary 21 day color process preserves the integrity of the hair extensions.



  • Your extensions will need to be moved up every 6-8 weeks. This usually takes 1-2 hours.

  • You will only want to wash your extensions 1-2 times a week.  

  • Your extension hair will can last 9-12 months if cared for correctly. 


Adding volume: $670

Adding length: $1300

Adding length & volume: $1500

Creating a "Rapunzel" look: $2350

Clip-in Extensions: $430

Pricing is 100% custom these are starting points.  To receive a precise cost to the look you desire a consultation is needed. Pricing listed includes installation.


Q: Are you already wearing extensions but looking for a new stylist to help you maintain them? 

A: Alyson will consider taking on clients from other stylists.  She will need to see your current installation in person.  She will be able to determine at that time whether or not she will be able to maintain your hair extensions. 

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