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Welcoming Stylists

We’re Hiring

Welcome to pH5 Salon, we are located in the heart of a growing "Main Street America" downtown; where businesses choose to help and support each other while having a great time at the many community events.

We offer an accelerated apprenticeship program that will start off with some online learning and then quickly transition into hands on learning and practice on model clients.  It is our goal to have you taking appointments as soon as you are prepared.

pH5 Salon values ongoing education in order to offer quality services with consistent customer service.  When you are a part of our team you will be asked to consistently partake in education to further your skills and career.  Education will occur periodically as a salon team and also individually  in your area of specialty. 

Our leader, Alyson, strives to create a friendly, drama free work environment.  Cultivating teamwork while also encouraging individuality. Your characteristics and experiences will add value to our team while allowing you to serve and impact our customers in a positive way. Being a part of our team you will be given the freedom to set goals for yourself and awarded when you reach them.  

When you are ready to be a part of our team or would like to discuss what your career at ph5 Salon could look like email Alyson; using the form below.

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