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Do I need a Consultation?

A consultation is free and allows you to meet your service provider and discuss your desires, goals, and budget.  If you are not sure what service is right for you starting with a consultation is a great choice. 

What if I can't find an appointment?

If you are having trouble securing an appointment online please email or call the salon, 234-217-9167, with your appointment request and one of our team members will respond to your request in a timely manner.

What is the difference between foil highlights & balayage?

Foil highlights and balayage are both techniques used to lighten the hair.  Foil highlights are applied using foils and balayage is painted on the hair.

Foil highlights create smaller ribbons of lightness often with less warmth.  Balayage creates a blended natural look of lightness and often results in a warmer overall result.

What is new growth?

New growth is located closest to the scalp; it is the new hair that has grown in since your last color service. It is most common to have new growth hair colored every 4-6 weeks. This is the hair that is dyed at a root retouch.

What is a toner/gloss?

A gloss/toner is color that is used to enhance or diminish desired tones.  This can be applied to any color of hair.  It is most common to have a gloss/toner applied every 4-6 weeks.

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